Located in Brittany, the densest dairy region of France, Celtilait has been developing rearing and veal calf production since 1970. The head office is in Ploudaniel (Finistere department). Its activities covers the North-West of France.

What is an integrated veal calf production ?

Breeder supplies:

Workforce/know-how, premises, water, energy

Celtilait supplies:

Young veal calves, feed, technical and vet follow-up

A partnership breeder/company

Our specialized buyers collect young calves in Brittany. Then, calves are selected in our centre in Ploudaniel before being delivered to farms per homogeneous batches.

Technicians, engineers and specialized vets support farmers throughout calf growth. Celtilait team, close to breeders, advices them on technical aspects in relation with animal breeding. This team also helps them with new farm installation and administrative matters.

Breeders take advantage of a high-performance feeding technique, combining safely milk replacers and fibrous feed. Celtilait belongs to the Ouest Elevage company, it thus enables Celtilait to be leader in the manufacturing of milk replacers, rich in dairy raw materials, and to provide breeders with feed made from milk collected locally.

Veal calf production is certified by quality agreements such as EQC and “Vitteliers”.

To develop new markets and secure opportunities, Celtilait set up partnership with different slaughtering houses.

Celtilait is concerned about animal welfare in farms : thanks to a breeding guideline (provided to each farm), breeders are advised and informed about good practices to be implemented for inspections, animal care, maintenance of premises and equipment, feed or breeding methods.

Celtilait technicians have all appropriate professional skills for the animal care and inspections.

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