Celtilait présent au SPACE 2017

Rendez-vous au SPACE du 12 au 15 septembre 2017 à Rennes. Les équipes techniques et commerciales de Celtilait seront prêtes à vous accueillir sur le stand B45 du HALL 5 (co-exposant sur le stand Even)  

What are the best practices for calf feeding?

The smooth running of the calf unit and its feed is essential for a heifer to become a sustainable and productive dairy cow. For an improved calf diet, Celtilait advises its breeders on several best practices to be implemented from…

Breeders feedbacks: Celtilait Up!’s benefits

Being launched since September 2015, Celtilait Up ! is an innovation for the milk replacer world. Breeders have adopted it and inform you about its benefits: Kevin Bouille – 85 dairy cows – Montbéliardes – AOP Fromage d’Abondances What he liked:…

4 feeding programs according to breeders’ objectives

Celtilait has designed calves feeding programs adapted to each dairy farmer’s strategy. According to their objectives, four feeding programs can be chosen: BOOST program is dedicated to breeders, looking for technical and high growing performances. This feeding program also allows…

Come and meet us at SPACE 2016

Come and meet us at SPACE in Rennes (France) from 13 to 16 September 2016. Celtilait’s team look forward to welcoming you : HALL 5 - stand B40 (stand Even).  

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