Porkivi Energy – New Formula !

Concentrated, dairy, sweet and acidified milk replacer

PORKIVI ENERGY is an energetic and acidified formula for piglets for all kinds of distribution, to be used as a complement or replacement of sow milk.

To be fed as milk or porridge.

Advantages of PORKIVI ENERGY (used as porridge 400g/l) :

  • Excellent palatability : distribution from the first days of life.
  • Doubles the quantity fed on the same period when compared to milk.
  • Reduces the distribution time (gain : one week !)
  • Enhances under the mother feeding
  • Digestive security
  • Increases weight of the litters and better homogeneity of the piglets
  • Sows in better condition at the end of the lactation period
  • Easy mix, water at 50°C

Ask us for more details about composition and feeding programmes.


Milk replacer for piglets with instant dilution

Porkivi is a milk replacer, containing skimmed milk powder and whey proteins. It relieves high prolific sows, decreases piglet mortality and favours early consumption of feed.

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