Celtilait nutritional team carries trials and develops feeds and new feeding techniques for veal and rearing calves.
This team works on 3 strategic priorities :

Characterization of animal needs

  • Determine ingestion speed and growth
  • Control consumption :
    • Optimize ingestion capacity
    • Improve appetite
  • Manage feed efficiency :
    • Maximize ingestion
    • Secure intestinal integrity
  • Define feed needs

Meeting the needs of animals

  • Qualify raw materials used
  • Forecast raw materials conversion by animals
  • Manage industrial manufacturing process

Improve the quality and feed safety

  • Improve the products quality from the meat and dairy sectors
  • Improve the products security from the meat and dairy sectors

Different methods are used

Celtilait feeds and techniques are tested in our experimental farms

  • Veal calves : 2 farms of 200 places each.
  • Rearing calves : 3 farms (= 180 calves).

Partnership with Research Centres

Scientific monitoring

  • National
  • Worldwide
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