Celtilait First & Celtilait Up ! : an optimal coverage of calf’s needs

With its Smartfeed, intelligent growth concept, Celtilait places heifer milking at the centre of the success of a high-quality and sustainable dairy production. It highlights the importance of rapid growth from birth, which should double the weight from birth to weaning, while ensuring the correct morphological development (bigger in size).

Nutrition with precision : what is it ?

Celtilait’s spearhead action for 4 years is nutrition with precision and involves the overall improvement of nutrient use:

« The right feed, in the right quantity, for the right animal, at the right time »

(Pomar et al 2009)

It requires a perfect knowledge of:

  • Performance objectives (weight and morphology)
  • Needs associated with the calves’ performance objectives
  • Nutrient intake of raw materials

Hence, Celtilait’s strategy is to create rationing plans that closely reflect the needs of the calves.

There are many challenges for breeders:

  • Financial: Obtain the best feed cost-performance ratio
  • Health: Limit the residues of indigestible nutrients and consequent digestive problems
  • Environmental: Limit nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium waste


The 3P range

Hence, the Smartfeed strategy is based on a precise coverage of the calf’s nutritional requirements, focussing on muscle growth and growth – skeletal ossification. Celtilait R&D work associated with an appropriate control of the formulation helped develop 2 milk replacers that comprise the 3P range, designed for an aggressive price positioning:


New in 2017, this is a traditional technical feed combining:

Performance – Dairy Products – Low Price

With 50% of skimmed milk powder, Celtilait First achieves breeder growth performances and is suitable for breeders who want a feed rich in dairy products but at a more aggressive price.

Celtilait Up ! is a technical feed combining :

Performance – Ideal Protein – Low Price

Marketed since 2015, Celtilait Up! has forged its place in the landscape of milk replacers owing to its innovative positioning: it is a feed rich in effective nutrients formulated on the first 8 essential amino acids, representing an adjustment to closely reflect the needs of the young calf.

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