4 feeding programs according to breeders’ objectives

Celtilait has designed calves feeding programs adapted to each dairy farmer’s strategy. According to their objectives, four feeding programs can be chosen:

  • BOOST program is dedicated to breeders, looking for technical and high growing performances. This feeding program also allows doubling the birth weight at 56 days (weaning) to maximize milk production during the first lactation. Growths are high during the first month while favoring an increase in dry feed consumption during the second month for a soft weaning.
  • PASS program is designed for breeders whose objective is to obtain satisfactory growth on their heifers without pushing them to the maximum of their potential.
  • For farms with health/digestive problems on their calves, Celtilait recommends SECURITY program, helping them on health management. It also avoids that a feed overload exacerbates a sensitive situation.
  • For breeders who are looking for a reduction in working time for their calves, the milk replacer can be used only once a day, with QUICK
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