For high growing performances on your dairy calves, choose Celtilait Up and Boost feeding program.

Olivier Coz, éleveur du réseau Celtilait au Drennec

The success of calf breeding – the future dairy cow – is a key driver of Celtilait strategy : nutrition with precision.

The development of Celtilait Up is based on a precise cover of calf needs : Celtilait Up! is a milk replacer rich in efficient nutriments to ensure growth (energy and amino-acids) and enables animals to be prepared for a long-lasting career (ossification, leg solidity).

R & D work and trials carried out in Celtilait experimental station enabled to develop feeding programs, meeting different strategy for breeders. Among these feeding programs, Boost program is dedicated to breeders, looking for technical and high growing performances.

This feeding program also allows doubling the birth weight at 56 days (weaning) to maximize milk production during the first lactation. Growths are high during the first month while favoring an increase in dry feed consumption during the second month for a soft weaning.

Olivier Coz report, Celtilait breeder in Le Drennec (FR29):

With this feeding technique, I see only good things: growth performances are very good and my calves are homogeneous with nice hair, there is not one that shifts compared to the others! This wasn’t the case when I fed them with cow milk: the period between 6th and 10th day was difficult, some calves had digestive problems and we had to follow them carefully during the rearing period.  We don’t see that anymore! The particularity of this feeding technique is the decrease in the supply of milk replacer at the beginning of the 2nd month, it actually allows an increase in dry feed consumption and facilitates weaning.

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