Breeders feedbacks: Celtilait Up!’s benefits

Being launched since September 2015, Celtilait Up ! is an innovation for the milk replacer world. Breeders have adopted it and inform you about its benefits:

Kevin Bouille – 85 dairy cows – Montbéliardes – AOP Fromage d’Abondances

What he liked: better growth and rounded calves

We need our calves to grow fast. With Celtilait Up !, they are more rounded, thicker and better than expected. Before, I was struggling to get them to 100-105 kg at weaning, and now, they all weigh between 110 and 120 kg at weaning! The growth is much better!

Sublet Family – 100 dairy cows – Holstein – IGP Emmental de Savoie

What they liked: good growth and healthy hairs

Celtilait Up ! preparation is very simple, it is easily diluted. The calves grow well and fight over them to drink : it is a very palatable feed. Moreover, their hairs are healthy and shiny!

Vibert Family – 68 dairy cows – Tarines & Abondances

What they liked: less diarrhea and better digestion

Our calves are well built with Celtilait Up! We also notice an improvement of digestion and a decrease in diarrheas.

Eddy Clerc – 80 dairy cows – Montbéliardes – IGP Emmental de Savoie

What he liked: dilution quality, no deposit and nicer hairs

Our objective is to improve performance, our calves must grow fast. With Celtilait Up!, growths are meeting our expectations and the calves have nicer and brighter hairs. The advantage of this product is its dilution quality: there is no deposit.

Celtilait Up ! enables to supply a precise feed reply at lowest cost, while achieving growth performances similar to a milk replacer containing 50% skimmed milk powder (Celtilait trials).

Celtilait Up! Is a product of smart Feed range (high nutritional levels, balanced in metabolisable energy / digestible proteins) to maximize animal growing performances.

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