Sow hyperprolificacy Lower loss and more growth in piglets

Porkivi Energy

With sow hyperprolificacy constantly rising, the challenge for the farmer is to secure the growth of the piglets. Celtilait offers Porkivi Energy, a feed to complement the sow’s milk right after the colostrum stage.

The number of piglets per litter is increasing thanks to the progress made in genetics. As a consequence, the quantity of sow’s milk may prove insufficient to feed up to 15 piglets or more. After the colostrum stage, it is recommended to provide a liquid feed to supplement the sow’s milk, to ensure the best growth during this birth-to-weaning phase. The prime objective is to reduce the piglet loss rate and to increase weaning weights. In 2017, in a trial we conducted in a farm over 49 litters, a 600 g improvement was seen in the weaning weight at 21 days, alongside a 3% reduction in loss rate over the same period for litters receiving this milk replacer. The use of a liquid milk replacer also has a positive impact on piglet management. Litters improve in uniformity, and fewer individuals are removed. Another positive point: with the pressure being taken off at the end of lactation, sow condition also improves.

An energy and acidified formula Celtilait has developed Porkivi Energy, a milk replacer designed for piglets with an energy- and acidified formula. Usable in milk or porridge, it replaces and fully complements sow’s milk following the colostrum stage. With a high level of appetence it is easy to introduce in the early days of the piglet’s life. Its original composition is close to sow’s milk, rich in amino acids, lactose and highly digestible fats, satisfying the piglet’s needs. To ensure digestive safety, the Porkivi Energy formula contains immunoglobins from milk, nucleotides and lactic ferments.


  • Dilution: Dilute with water at 50 °C. The concentration should be adjusted according to distribution type and consumption level.
  • Fed as milk: Manual feeding in 2 meals per day: 165 kg/l = 1 kg feed for 6 L water at 50 °C or 250 g/L = 1 kg feed for 4 L water at 50 °C.
  • Fed as porridge or yoghurt: Manual feeding in 2 meals per day: 400 g/L = 1 kg feed for 2.5 L water at 50 °C.
  • Feeding plan: For manual feeding, provide 0.20 litres milk / litter twice a day. Progressively increase the quantity of feed to a maximum of 1 litre per litter per meal. Stop feeding at 14 or 21 days depending on the sow’s milk production level and the daily consumption of PORKIVI ENERGY.
  • Clean the troughs and preparation equipment regularly, and replace the feed once a day.
  • Regularly feed a pre-starter from the 2nd week until weaning.

Sample plan: Milk and pre-starter feeding in porridge form for 16 days – Weaning at 21 days

DaysDaily quantity per litterConcentration
D4 to D962 x 300 ml1 kg Porkivi Energy / 2.5 L water
D10 to D1452 x 500 ml0.5 kg Porkivi Energy + 0.5 kg starter / 3 L water
D15 to D1952 x 800 ml1 kg starter / 4 litres water
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