Celtilait is the brand name of milk replacer for young animals, belonging to Ouest Elevage, an agribusiness and cooperative company, established in Brittany.

Celtilait has two activities: veal calf production and milk replacers trade. For more than 40 years, Celtilait has been committing itself to its customers (breeders, distributors, feed manufacturers) in order to improve their production and to upgrade their breeding performances.

Innovation and nutritional know-how

Innovation is Celtilait’s key driver.

The R&D team carries trials and develops feeds and feeding techniques in its experimental station and breeding network, in order to meet technical, economical and environmental requirements.

Industrial expertise

The manufacturing unit is part of a dairy industrial facility.

The dairy expertise of Celtilait ensures a control of process and quality of raw materials used in milk replacers.

The unit is certified by different French and international bodies.

A field team

CELTILAIT technical and sale team advise customers to recommend an optimal use of feed.

Focus on our customers' needs

Thanks to commercial support and logistic efficiency, Celtilait meets its customer requirements ensuring flexibility and reactivity.

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