Nutrition accuracy

For over 30 years, Celtilait developing a comprehensive range of nursing feed for young animals: rearing calves, calves, piglets, lambs and kids from fresh milk collected in Brittany region famous for the quality of its butchers and milk production.

Products and services

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Research and Development

Celtilait nutritional team carries trials and develops feeds and new feeding techniques for veal and rearing calves.


Milk Replacers

Celtilait offers several ranges of milk replacers for calves, piglets, lambs and kids.

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Veal Calf production at Celtilait

Located in Brittany, the densest dairy region of France, Celtilait has been developing rearing and veal calf production since 1970. The head office is in Ploudaniel (county of Finistere). Its activities covers the North-West of France.

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